We’ve launched shop!

So we have launched!


I know I haven’t posted any in days. We’ve been really very busy trying to meet the Feb  7 launch date. We managed, thankfully. A lot of products still needs to be uploaded and there are some minor housekeeping to be done but all in all, we’re very happy and proud with what we’ve managed to put together. Please do come and visit the site and I hope that you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed making it.

I promise, you can expect better materials and more time-worthy posts in the days to come.

Much love goes to Axel for everything and to Mercie, my ever-loyal, hardest-working site manager. Things would have been a hundred times harder without her.

To God be the glory!

Psalm 127:1



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Blogging and C++

5 of 5.

Feature: None
Zilch, nicht, nil, zero, wala

Stuff that Saves Trees: Loads of Functionalities Added
It was a successful day today for the site building. We managed to:

  1. Update the shipping rates
  2. Add the Shipping Calculator to the checkout page
  3. Enable the OggChat chat app for the website
  4. Still make progress with the products.

All the add-ons and features’ instructions were really very easy to follow. Always spot on and understandable. No complaints whatsoever. Thanks to the brilliant people of the shopify support community!

Life: Barely Made it Through the 5th One
Up for a deadline but nothing in hand. Nostalgic really. Takes me back to that day in college when we were to defend that C++ program we supposedly wrote only we didn’t. Needless to say, we ended up taking that same subject again the next term.

At 29, I can say that it’s the experiences in life that made you feel the extremest of emotions that are going to leave their marks in your memory for the longest of times. It is when you felt most afraid, most sad or lonely, most angry, most excited or most happy that you tend to remember each and every detail of.  That memory of the thing that made you cry so hard makes you smile silently because now you understand that sometimes, lovers do fall apart. And that memory of the thing that made you laugh so hard makes you cry quietly because now you understand that although you see each and everyone’s profile on Facebook, it is never going to be as good as sharing a bottle of beer (in our case, a case!).

Then you somehow just look forward to having something that makes these memories come and visit you again. Because when they do cross your mind, it gives you the reassurance that no matter what life is gonna throw you next, you’ll be able to wither it all as you did the last few years.

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Philippine Deforestation and the Attempt to Reverse Its Effect

First milestone almost within reach!

Feature: Planting Trees
Almost a year ago, a record attempt for Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Trees Planted Simultaneously” was held in the Philippines to try to break India’s record of 50,033 trees. Nearly 7,000 volunteers came together to not only try to win the record but also to help revive the country’s forests and reverse the effects of deforestation. Nearly 7,000 volunteers planted 64,096 trees that day and broke the record.

Philippine forests is among the 10 most endangered in the world. In 1999, although the figures vary slightly, it was reported that 70% of the 77 provinces in the Philippines have put in place logging bans. 12 years later, the figures are as alarming as ever if not more.

The Philippines was identified as one of the “world’s biologically richest countries”. A hundred years ago, 70% of its total land area was covered in forest.  By 1999, it tremendously declined to 18.3% and now, there is only less than 7%.   The Filipino youth can only be grateful that there are still a lot of endemic species that call these fragments of forest their home.

ERNESTO GUIANG: Image of the Decline of the Philippine Forest 1900-2010

A projection that was made in 1999 that by the year 2009, only 6.6% of the forest will remain unless full governmental support and commitment become imminent (scenario a).

To be continued…

Stuff that Saves Trees: Committed to Preserving the Environment
We use 100% recycled paper in all of our paper products and reused wood and materials in all others. Our aim is to create beautiful things that are earth-friendly and have the least impact in the environment. Of all the calculations in our heads, the most resounding one is below:

1 Ton of recycled paper = 24 trees saved

Life: We Planted Trees as Well
Although we did not make our hands dirty planting trees, we are proud to say that we still did something. Mandala Spa, a very nice resort in Boracay, Philippines, was offering to plant a tree for the customer for every service booked. They very ingeniously called it “The Treetment Project“. We booked a treatment each and had 2 trees planted in our names!

Photo Collage: Mandala Spa a tree for a service

Mandala Spa: 2 Treetments for us, 2 trees for the world!

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Organising Plastic Bags: How to Fold Plastic Bags and the Ikea Bag Organiser


Feature: Plastic Bags Recycle and Re-use

Let’s talk a bit more about plastic bags, shall we?

Have you ever experienced picking a plastic bag from your big bag of plastic bags and never getting the right size that you need at first try? Then you have to put it back and pick another one until you manage. A bit annoying really.

Well, the clip below is a short how-to video for folding a plastic bag. A few seconds of organising that is well worth the time. I’d prefer this anytime over the plastic-bag-picking scenario.

Oooh, you have to bear with me please. My mind is floating and I can only come up with words I use at work like analyse, identify, corrective, “for your action”, etc. And as much I wish for these words to be appropriate for what I would like to blog about tonight, they’re not.

So you’ve folded the bags, what’s next? You can get  this nice bag organiser from Ikea! The holes and spaces all over it makes it very easy to pick whatever bag size you need. I believe they come in different colours too. You can attach it to the wall or to the back of the kitchen cupboard cover.

Ikea Bag Organiser

Ikea Bag Organiser

Stuff that Saves Trees Update: Making So Much Progress

There are now around 5 collections in the products pages: Gift Wrappers, Posters, Bookmarks, Writing Pads and Paper Packs. Maybe 5 more to go. Hopefully, in the next 3 to 4 days, we’d be able to complete the listings and we can then proceed to site testing.

I’m also trying to complete all the necessary resource sites for Stuff that Saves Trees. Managed 2 today.
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/stuffthatsavestrees
Picasa: https://picasaweb.google.com/stuffthatsavestrees

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My Love Affair with the Plastic Bags

Hi there! So… second post today! So far, so good!!! I set for myself a mini milestone – one post a day for five consecutive days. Will surely try to complete that, fingers crossed! Today, I am going to try to introduce a template for our posts and see if this will be okay. Then some adjustments here and there until we find the perfect recipe.

Feature: Plastic Bags
It used to be that recycling and preserving the environment for me are but topics for my 5th grade science subject that I needed to pass. I didn’t care much about it. I mean I would dispose off my rubbish properly and would not cut a tree but I was not really proactive. So anyway, a few years ago, one of the big supermarkets here in Dubai asked for their plastic bags to be paid. I was furious!!!

Grocery Receipt

Grocery Receipt Charging 30 for Every Plastic Bag

I was like: What!?! 30 fils? That’s 4.5 pesos! Add a bit more and that’s 1 kg of rice! This is not acceptable!! These up-for-nothing capitalists!

But then, all I needed to do was scan the bottom part of the receipt.

Grocery receipt offering refund on plastic bags

Grocery receipt offering refund on plastic bags.

And then it dawned on me that each and everyone really can contribute to the fight against pollution. No act or gesture is so small because as with anything, all small things combined together make up one big thing. Kudos to Geant Hypermarket for applying such environmental policy and we can only hope that all the others will follow suit. The UAE may be far away from using paper bags instead of plastic but with all the right steps, soon enough we’ll be living in a more environment-friendly country.

I have become more environment conscious since then. Our household always tries to use them cute green bags. For times that we inevitably have to use plastic, these Geant bags become collector items-slash-piggy bank until we go back and take them up on the refund.

Stuff that Saves Trees Update: Shop Yet to Launch
Right now, we are still populating the products pages. We are trying to make sure that everything will be perfect by the time we launch. The target big date is the 7th of February, 2012.

Life: Young Hypertensive
This was sort of the message that my doctor delivered to me today. I am 29 years, 2 months and 7 days old. I weigh 54 kgs at my heaviest days. Quit smoking 2 years ago (from time to time hubble-bubble). A glass of wine or a bottle of Asahi beer a month. With all these, my average BP readings were 150/100, shooting up to 160/100 or at worst 179/100. The ultimate question: WHY? I don’t know! My doctor doesn’t know. Some tests are to be conducted but until then, I’ll be popping Norvasc while thinking about you!

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There’s Always a First Time

But this is probably my seventh first time. Most of my previous blogging attempts were to try to document things – college, network marketing venture, learning a language, a young love, a new love; then I tried writing about the stuff that internet people with loads of followers were writing about. Altogether, I posted as many number of entries as my blogs – not more. I thought to myself, maybe blogging isn’t for me.

Then I got to thinking: writing on my journal, clipping interesting articles from newspapers and mags, saving links on my Favorites folder, etc. are already almost like writing a blog. The only difference is with all those things, no one will get to read my stuff.

So I pulled out an old journal and read entries from days forgotten and I realised- my stuff aren’t too bad. Maybe I can get my mother and my bestfriend to read them! Then maybe others would also feel like reading them. And then I thought to myself, maybe I should blog about the stuff that really interests me. Maybe I should not be too afraid that people will read what I write. And maybe, just maybe, blogging is for me too!

So here it is. I am blogging again. This blog is linked to our online shop of the same name: Stuff that Saves Trees. I will be posting old (from my journals) and new (what I would have written in my journal) stuff. Also, in this blog, I will be collaborating with my sisters, Mia and Jun. Although you may notice that we’ll be blogging often about Stuff that Saves Trees, we’ll really just be open-writing. There will be no rules, no restrictions.

For us, the Stuff that Saves Trees blog is more than just blogging – it’s a journey. Thank you for experiencing it with us!

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